Edward Torba

Author of the Matt Monroe Adventure Series

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Matt Monroe and The Secret Society of Odontology

Matt Monroe and The Secret Society of Odontology
Matt Monroe
Published by All Points Press
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An ancient prophecy.
A hidden world of magic and monsters.

A Secret Society that holds the key to save humanity.
Fourteen-year-old Matt Monroe thought he was just an ordinary boy enjoying a fun summer with friends in their small farm town in Pennsylvania. Until one night, mysterious red lights appear in the sky and strange creatures begin stalking the woods. Matt discovers, hidden in their dusty barn, an old black dental chest that contains secrets his family has kept locked away until the moment the prophecy begins to unfold. Matt learns his true destiny and that a Secret Society of dentists, including his father, have been preparing over a hundred years for the Chosen One to arrive. Now, on a quest to save the human race, Matt, his older brother, Josh, and five friends are transported to a magical dimension called Paragon. Here, they must face deadly monsters and fight an epic battle against a powerful evil enemy. Journey with Matt Monroe and his friends on an adventure of deception and betrayal, mixed with courage and the bonds of friendship. Will they find the magic stone in time to save the world?
Signed Pre-release Hardcover | 314 pages | $24.99US | 6x9 | 978-0-9850827-2-7 | November 20, 2018